What is Farsightedness?

    Far sightedness, also known as hyperopia, is a very common condition among adults over 40 years of age. It’s so common, in fact, that patients ask us almost every day about the various treatment options to help improve their vision. And more often than not, they’re interested in more permanent solutions than reading glasses can offer.

    People with farsightedness have a hard time focusing on objects or text up close … for example, restaurant menus, books, cell phones and computer screens. Hyperopia occurs when light rays reach the eye’s retina before they can converge into a focused, sharp image. Usually, this happens because the eyeball is too short, or the cornea is insufficiently curved. The result is blurry vision up close.

    Farsighted Vision

    For many, farsightedness is more than simply a frustrating problem to be treated with reading glasses. Often, they experience headaches and discomfort from constantly squinting their eyes. Eyeglasses can only help so much, and in these cases, a more long-term solution is often a better option.

    Can Laser Eye Surgery Help?

    For many, laser eye surgery is a great solution. If, after a thorough eye exam and screening, our doctors determine you’re a good fit for LASIK surgery, your farsighted vision issues can be easily corrected. Laser eye surgery corrects far sightedness by using a precision laser to adjust the shape of the cornea so that it can better focus the light rays entering your eyes. The procedure will permanently improve your vision, and in many cases, completely eliminate your need for reading glasses altogether.

    Intraocular lens replacement surgery is another option to consider, especially for patients who also suffer from cataracts. With lens replacement surgery, your natural lens is removed and an artificial replacement is inserted into your eye. Like LASIK, this can be a permanent solution for several vision problems, including far sightedness and cataracts.

    Schedule a Consultation!

    If you’re considering LASIK or lens replacement surgery, please contact our office for a consultation. We’re experts in both procedures, and would love to meet and discuss your options. We look forward to meeting you!

    Posted February 28, 2017 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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