• Allergan DURYSTA™ Intracameral Bimatoprost Implant

    If you find glaucoma eye drops to be a hassle, with your ophthalmologist’s advice, you may want to consider DURYSTA™. This dissolvable implant reduces eye pressure for several months.

    Overview of DURYSTA for Glaucoma

    DURYSTA™ Intracameral Bimatoprost Implants are designed to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma patients. It dissolves and automatically releases pressure-reducing medication in the eye. This medical device is produced by Allergan. DURYSTA is the first and only FDA-approved implant of its kind.

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    Uses and Applications

    DURYSTA is an implantable medicine-delivery microscopic pellet that provides consistent eye pressure control for several months. When intraocular pressure (IOP) increases, it is more likely to damage the optic nerve and affect your eyesight.

    • Open-Angle Glaucoma
    • Ocular Hypertension

    Features and Benefits

    The DURYSTA one-time use implant is about 1 mm long and preloaded inside of a single-use applicator. It is made of a solid polymer matrix containing 10 mcg of bimatoprost, an anti-glaucoma drug used in glaucoma eye drops. After being inserted into your eye’s fluid-filled anterior chamber (front area between the cornea and iris), the implant breaks down and releases the drug over time. The implant continues working for several months, eventually being eliminated from the body.

    • Small Implant – it is simple to insert, and you will not feel or see it
    • Extended IOP Control – pressure-control drug released up to 15 weeks
    • Preservative-Free – your eyes are less likely to become irritated

    How DURYSTA Compares to Alternative Treatments

    Prescription glaucoma eye drops are commonly used to reduce eye pressure but can cause side effects. Eye drops that contain preservatives may irritate the eyes, especially if you have dry eye. DURYSTA administers preservative-free medications inside the eye, therefore is less irritating.

    Glaucoma surgery can be very invasive and risky, requiring a longer recovery time. DURYSTA offers faster recovery and a lower risk of side effects or complications.

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