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    Dry Eye Treatment

    If you’ve ever experienced the pain and discomfort of dry eye syndrome, you already know what a serious condition it can be. Dry eye can result in permanent damage to the cornea and even vision loss if left untreated. It can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition, so it’s extremely important to have your eyes examined at the onset of this uncomfortable condition.

    Silverstein Eye Centers is pleased to offer our patients PROKERA®, a new treatment for chronic Dry Eye that heals the surface of your eye (cornea) and returns your eye to a normal, healthy state. It’s a biologic corneal bandage that has natural therapeutic actions known to heal the eye faster with less pain, scarring, and inflammation. It actually promotes healing in our Chronic Dry Eye patients, as well as others with corneal diseases or injuries.

    PROKERA is applied with a simple procedure and is easily inserted and removed in our office. Once removed, the cornea is rejuvenated so you can see and feel better. In a recent patient survey, 93% of patients with Dry Eye said they felt better after treatment with PROKERA.

    PROKERA is similar to a contact lens and is made of amniotic tissue, which is known for its natural therapeutic actions and heals your eye faster with less pain, scarring, and inflammation. The amniotic tissue used in PROKERA is provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA and has passed numerous quality control tests making it safe and effective. Clinical studies have shown PROKERA reduces the sign and symptoms of Dry Eye and helps soothe pain, heal the eye, and improve vision.

    PROKERA is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared therapeutic device that reduces inflammation and promotes healing. For more information visit www.prokerainfo.com.


    Dr. Silverstein and the staff was very friendly and professional and got me right in for surgery and saved my eye. I’ve been back to for quite a few appointments and my pressure in my eye is perfect.

    Thank you to our patients:

    Choosing an eye doctor is a very important decision, and we want to make your experience at Silverstein Eye Centers as helpful as possible. We are at your service to provide our finest and most ethical care for your eyes. Thank you for trusting our doctors to care for your vision. Learn more.

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