STAAR Surgical Visian™ Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

This implantable lens is a minimally invasive alternative to LASIK or PRK surgery. The Visian ICL can treat a wide range of nearsightedness, including severe myopia and astigmatism.


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Visian ICL, an implantable Collamer lens, was developed by STAAR Surgical as an alternative to LASIK surgery. It is a lens implant designed for vision correction. This device is FDA-approved, and over 1 million procedures have been performed. It is most beneficial for people with very significant nearsightedness, or those who are not a candidate for LASIK.

Uses and Applications

Visian ICL treats the following eye issues (astigmatism correction requires the Visian Toric ICL model):

  • Mild to Severe Myopia (-3D to -20D)
  • Astigmatism

Features and Benefits

Visian ICLs are made of Collamer®, a biocompatible blend of polymer and collagen created by STAAR Surgical. This soft, flexible, and stable lens is inserted through a small opening in the eye by the surgeon using a minimally invasive procedure. The surgery is performed with a topical anesthetic in an ambulatory surgery center. The lens is specially designed so that it conforms with your natural eye.

  • Soft and Flexible Design – you cannot tell the ICL is in place
  • Wide Range of Treatment – eliminates the need for contact lenses and glasses
  • Clear Vision – you will be able to see better day or night
  • Added UV Protection – it is safe for you to enjoy the outdoors

How Visian Compares to Alternative Treatments

LASIK surgery and PRK surgery are the most common approaches to refractive vision correction, achieved by removing tissue on the corneal surface of the eye. The Visian ICL lens can be removed as you age and develop cataracts.

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