Dry eye syndrome and blepharitis (red, swollen, itchy, and flaky eyelids) are eye conditions that can be more than a mere annoyance. Although many people may only suffer from minor irritation, others may have more severe symptoms, including blurred vision, damaged tear glands, inflammation of the cornea, ingrown eyelashes, and secondary infections. BlephEx is produced by Alcon, and provides relief from dry eye and blepharitis. The procedure is performed in your ophthalmologist’s office.

BlephEx Treatment

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BlephEx is a patented eyelid cleaning procedure performed in a doctor’s office. The medical-grade handheld device is equipped with a micro-sponge that delicately spins to clean along your eyelids, eyelashes, and eyelid glands.

Uses and Applications

Dry eye syndrome is a common symptom of blepharitis, a condition in which bacteria, oil, and debris make the eyelids red, inflamed, and crusty. Dry eye is not usually caused by poor eye hygiene. There are several common causes and associated types of blepharitis:

  • Rosacea
  • Bacteria (staphylococcal blepharitis)
  • Dandruff (seborrheic blepharitis)
  • Irregular production of oil glands (meibomian blepharitis)

Eyelid hygiene is essential to keep glands clear and prevent a buildup of debris, creating a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. BlephEx looks like an electronic toothbrush, but with a medical-grade sponge that gently removes harmful bacteria and debris that can build up in your eyelids. Doctors use numbing eye drops, so you’ll feel no pain but may experience a tickling sensation. Afterward, the doctor will rinse out your eyes and eyelids.

BlephEx Features and Benefits

BlephEx is a highly effective dry eye treatment that cleans bacteria and biofilm from eyelids, preventing further irritation and potential damage to eye tissues. The in-office procedure offers many benefits to those suffering from dry eye and blepharitis:

  • Patented Device – medical-grade microblepharoexfoliation procedure
  • Safe and Painless – an in-office procedure performed in six to eight minutes
  • Healthy Eyelids – treatments can be repeated every four to six months
  • Supplemental Treatment – used in combination with other blepharitis treatments

How BlephEx Compares to Alternative Dry Eye Treatments

BlephEx is the only dry eye treatment and eyelid exfoliation procedure available for use in a doctor’s office. Other treatments often include prescription medications, which may have side effects. Regular at-home eyelid hygiene is helpful in keeping things under control between treatments, but dry eye and blepharitis often flare back up.

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