• Upneeq® Eye-Lifting Drops

    Having an eyelid that droops can be challenging, especially when it blocks your vision. Upneeq® Eye-Lifting Drops may offer a simple solution, so you can go about your day without straining to see or looking tired.


    Upneeq® is the only FDA-approved eye-lifting drop available by prescription, delivered directly to your home. It is used to treat droopy eyelids (also known as blepharoptosis or ptosis). This medicine is a safe, temporary option for those who desire mild improvement but are not ready or are not a candidate for surgery. Upneeq® is distributed by RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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    Uses and Applications

    Many children and adults suffer from drooping or sagging eyelids. The condition causes various symptoms including a decrease in our field of vision. In some cases, if left untreated, it can lead to lazy eye and permanently impair vision. Upneeq® was developed to reduce the sagging of your eyelids caused by many conditions including normal aging (the most common cause), cancer, stroke, tumors, Botox injections, and other medical issues, including Acquired Blepharoptosis (non-congenital drooping eyelids).

    Featured and Benefits

    Upneeq® eyedrops contain a 0.1% oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution. It’s packaged in a single-use vial that can be applied to the affected eye once a day. The active ingredient, oxymetazoline, stimulates the eyelid muscles. This causes the muscle to contract and raise the upper eyelid, so you can see better with less straining and squinting.

    • Mild, Surgery-Free Eye Lift – opens eyes about 1-3 mm wider
    • Quick Acting – it works as fast as 5 minutes with the first dose
    • Lasting Treatment – your eyes stay uplifted at least 6 hours or more
    • Safe and Well-Tolerated — can be applied 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses

    How Upneeq® Compares to Alternative Treatments

    There are surgical treatments for ptosis. Upneeq® offers a non-surgical treatment solution without the risk of surgery or need for recovery time.

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