• enVista® Toric Lens

    As you age, the likelihood of developing a cataract increase significantly. When you develop cataracts that affect your vision, you will determine with your ophthalmologist, when you are a candidate for cataract surgery and which lens is best for your desired results to maintain your lifestyle. Are you a golfer, an avid reader, or a sports fan? Your activities will dictate which lens (IOL) is best for you.

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    The Bausch & Lomb enVista Toric lens implant is best suited for cataract patients who also suffer from astigmatism. The enVista Toric lens will provide both clearer distance vision and the ability to see detailed objects without squinting.

    enVista® Toric Lens Overview

    The FDA-approved enVista Toric lens is an innovative ophthalmic product offered by Bausch & Lomb. The intraocular (in-the-eye) lenses are designed to replace the natural lens of the eye. What makes enVista Toric different as an intraocular lens (IOL) is that it visually corrects both distance vision and astigmatism.

    Uses and Applications

    As a monofocal (one distance from the eye) IOL, the enVista toric lens is used for implantation in patients following the removal of cataracts (clouded natural lenses). All adults get cataracts as they age. It is a natural part of the aging process. As cataracts develop, patients will notice blurred vision, light sensitivity, dull colors as well as difficult seeing in lower-light environments. The enVista Toric lens corrects:

    • Cataracts (clouded lens)
    • Aphakia (missing lens)
    • Uncorrected Distance Vision
    • Corneal Astigmatism

    Features and Benefits

    The enVista toric lens (Model MX60PT) is a replacement for your eye’s natural lens, enhancing your vision. This one-piece hydrophobic acrylic lens is made of advanced materials. It’s 25x harder (resists scratches and abrasions) with 300% more radial compression force than traditional hydrophobic acrylic lenses. Using the Bausch & Lomb SimplifEYE™ Inserter, surgeons can easily fold and insert this soft lens.

    • Stable, Dependable Positioning – this increases the quality of visual outcomes
    • Corrected Distance Vision – you will experience pristine visual clarity
    • Aberration-Free Performance – eliminates glistening, glare, and halos
    • Small Incision – limits the potential for surgery-induced astigmatism (SIA)

    How the enVista Toric Lens Compares to Alternative Treatments

    Standard IOLs offer monofocal corrections for either near or distance vision, but they do not correct astigmatism.

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