• Glaukos iStent

    For patients with cataracts and diagnosed with glaucoma, the Glaukos iStent can be implanted at the time of cataract surgery. Your ophthalmologist can perform two procedures in one surgery. You’ll be able to enjoy a better quality of life with better vision and balanced eye pressure, with potentially less dependence on glaucoma eyedrops.


    iStent, an FDA-approved device developed by Glaukos Corporation, makes it possible to combine cataract surgery and glaucoma therapy into a single procedure. When implanted during cataract surgery, this Trabecular Micro-Bypass System helps to reduce eye pressure.. Hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States and worldwide have benefited from the Glaukos iStent.

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    Uses and Applications

    As one of the leading causes, glaucoma requires treatment to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP). iStents minimize pressure after insertion in the eye during cataract surgery. The stent improves the natural flow of fluid, so it can be used to treat pressure-related eye disease.

    • Mild to Moderate Open-Angle Glaucoma
    • Ocular Hypertension (high intraocular pressure)

    Features and Benefits

    iStent is one of the smallest medical devices (1 mm in length and 0.3 mm in height), so you won’t be able to feel it or see it. Each system includes two surgical-grade titanium stents. The stents are preloaded inside a sterile, single-use inserter, which helps your surgeon accurately place the implants.

    • Tiny Implants – your downtime will be minimal
    • Aqueous Fluid Drainage – your eyes will drain naturally, restoring your eyes’ pressure
    • All-in-One Procedure – allows a single surgery for glaucoma and cataract

    How iStent Compares to Alternative Treatments

    Glaucoma medications are most commonly used to reduce eye pressure, but they can have side effects that the iStent avoids. Glaucoma surgery can be invasive. The Glaukos iStent is less invasive and offers safer treatment with rapid recovery.

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