• PanOptix® Lens

    The PanOptix lens offers remarkable vision whether you’re looking at something up close, far away, or in between. The new technology of the new lens enables you to see objects better at an arm’s length when viewing your smartphone or working on the computer.

    Lens Overview

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    The PanOptix Lens is a multifocal lens designed to be implanted in a patient’s eye during cataract surgery. The FDA-approved PanOptix Lens is the first and only trifocal intraocular (in-the-eye) lens available in the United States.

    Uses and Applications

    The PanOptix Lens implant replaces the natural lens in the eye, during cataract surgery to provide significantly improved clear and in-focus vision. All adults develop cataracts as they age. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness, so it is essential for patients to consult with an ophthalmologist to determine the best solution for their vision. Not only do PanOptix lenses restore the clarity of vision, they address other eye conditions as well (astigmatism correction requires the PanOptix Toric IOL model at no additional cost).

    • Cataracts
    • Presbyopia
    • Astigmatism

    Features and Benefits

    The PanOptix lens is a clear, hydrophobic acrylic implant. The unique structure of the lens includes ENLIGHTEN® (ENhanced LIGHT ENergy) Optical Technology with optimized light utilization. It also features three optimally placed focal points, so that it corrects your intermediate vision without compromising your near and distance vision. The multifocal

    IOL offers many benefits:

    • Enhanced Vision – objects are clearer and in better focus
    • Multifocal Points – Potentially 20/20 near, intermediate, and distance vision
    • Higher Definition – you will see brighter and more vivid colors
    • Sharp Images – elimination or less dependence on eyeglasses
    • Glare Reduction – lessened glare from bright lights than earlier models

    How Panoptix Compares to Other Lenses

    The quality and range of sight following cataract surgery greatly depends on the type of IOL. Standard monofocal IOLs are the most common, correcting vision either near or far. If you choose a lens that improves distance vision, you will likely continue to need reading glasses. PanOptix can improve your near-to-distance vision and astigmatism for greater eyeglass independence.

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