If you have had LASIK surgery in the past but are now reaching an age where cataracts are a possibility, then you may be wondering how your previous laser surgery can affect surgery to remove cataracts.

    First of all, it’s important to know you can still have a successful cataract surgery if you’ve had LASIK surgery. It’s also really important to tell our eye surgeons about your LASIK surgery when you visit us for a cataract surgery consultation. If you have records regarding your LASIK procedure and documentation of your medical history, you should bring these things with you to your consultation.

    There are a couple things we do differently for a previous LASIK patient. First, we’ll need to take some additional measurements of your eye. We take these measurements to determine the best lens power for your vision. We’ll also review the records of your LASIK surgery and use that information to plan the most effective cataract surgery for you.

    We believe you deserve clear, sharp vision. If you have reason to believe you have a cataract, we can help you restore optimal vision using one of our lens implant options.

    To find out if you are a candidate for cataract surgery, please contact Silverstein Eye Centers to schedule a consultation with an experienced Kansas City cataract surgeon.

    Posted November 27, 2013 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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