Many Kansas City residents who are candidates for LASIK tell their ophthalmologist that they are worried about having a laser near their eyes. This is understandable: we are rightly protective of our eyes. But exciting new LASIK technology in Kansas City is making the procedure even simpler, and the hands of a skilled ophthalmologist with years of LASIK experience can give you peace of mind.

    Here’s some information on the lasers ophthalmologists use in a LASIK procedure:


    Ophthalmologists use “excimer lasers” in a LASIK procedure. The excimer laser is significantly more precise and accurate than the lasers we think of from years of exposure to movies and television. The laser can remove extraordinarily small amounts of tissue from your eye without any risk to the surrounding area.


    Excimer lasers are not hand-operated by the doctor performing the procedure. Instead, they are controlled by a sophisticated computer. This guarantees the precision and control that you want in a LASIK procedure. However, it also allows the ophthalmologist to program the laser to your specific needs. Every patient is different, and every case of near-sightedness or astigmatism is unique. The doctor will program the laser to the exact settings and contours your eyes need.

    FDA-Approved Equipment

    While the FDA does not regulate individual procedures like LASIK, it does review and approve the equipment ophthalmologists use in the procedure. LASIK lasers are tested and studied by the federal government.

    If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of LASIK in the Kansas City area, contact the experienced ophthalmologists at the Silverstein Eye Centers for a free LASIK consultation.

    Posted February 20, 2013 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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