The entire LASIK procedure, performed on both eyes, generally takes less than 15 minutes. The length of time your procedure takes depends on the LASIK technique being utilized and the extent of vision correction you require.

    To perform LASIK, ophthalmologist Dr. Steven Silverstein creates a corneal flap, which exposes the cornea for reshaping. Creation of these flaps with a surgical instrument called a microkeratome can take as little as five seconds. If Dr. Silverstein is performing bladeless LASIK, it may take one to two minutes to create the flap. The procedure best suited to meet your unique needs will be determined during your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Silverstein.

    Once the flap has been created, Dr. Silverstein will gently reshape your cornea with an excimer laser. This part of the process can take mere seconds to complete. While the process itself is very quick, you should expect to be in our office for about two hours on the day of your surgery. The two hours provides you with enough time to heal and enables Dr. Silverstein to perform a postoperative examination of your eyes.

    At Silverstein Eye Centers, we are dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. During your initial consultation, Dr. Silverstein will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the LASIK procedure.

    If you live in or around Kansas City or Lee’s Summit, Missouri and would like to learn more about the LASIK procedure, please contact Silverstein Eye Centers to schedule an initial consultation today.

    Posted July 18, 2012 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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