Restructure Sets New Standard

Restructure Sets New Standard

Silverstein Eye Centers is defying convention to establish a new precedent in eye care. Dr. Steven Silverstein, president of Silverstein Eye Centers, is pursuing his dream of leading the medical community to a higher level of patient care. It has been less than 2 years since this pursuit began and already the practice has firmly taken root and begun to implement methods for increasing patient care and satisfaction. Growth is progressing at a phenomenal rate for the local Ophthalmologist located in Eastern Jackson County. With the explosion of the medical industry, patients are expecting more than just health care advice or a “feel good” drug. Silverstein Eye Centers has a clear understanding of what people are looking for in a physician due to their heavy involvement in the community.

By constructing a unique surgical facility in the same building, Silverstein Eye Centers is creating a more precise and patient friendly environment. This allows patient records to be kept in one location, eliminating the need to transfer records from one facility to another and increasing accuracy. The surgical center is also equipped with a patient viewing room where friends and family can monitor the patient’s progress via closed circuit television. Furthermore, in the past, a patient’s doctor’s visit would be held in the doctor’s office, but the actual surgical procedures may take place half way across the city. Because the new surgical center is conveniently located one floor down from the doctors’ offices, the confusion and frustration of driving miles to an unfamiliar location has also been eradicated. In addition, the new surgical center houses cutting-edge technology to allow the patient’s surgical procedure to yield the highest results possible. Typically a patient receiving surgery will schedule a follow-up visit with the doctor the day after surgery. Yet, with the surgery center in the same building, patients receive an intermediate check-up with the doctor only 20 minutes after surgery. Dr. Silverstein feels that this extra step is crucial in order to make any necessary adjustments before the eye begins its healing process. Such promptness can reduce healing time, and ultimately, increase patient satisfaction.

Going a step further, Silverstein Eye Centers has introduced unprecedented patient hospitality. The local Ophthalmologist has employed hospitality hostesses, sometimes referred to as “cookie ladies.” The job description of these ladies is simply to serve the patient. They offer cookies, coffee, hot chocolate, a friendly conversation, updates on a patient’s progress, or even assistance with filling out necessary forms. If needed, these warm-hearted women will also gladly escort a patient from the doctor’s office to the surgery center. Mary Helber-Jamboretz, recent patient of Silverstein Eye Centers, said, “I felt so welcome, because it was obvious that my needs were their first priority.” Dr. Silverstein believes that such compassion and understanding the needs of his patients are what will serve as the catalyst to allow his practice, as well as any medical practice, to flourish.

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