ReSTOR® is one type of intraocular lens (IOL) implant option designed to give cataract surgery patients greater visual clarity.

    Cataracts are a clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens that cause progressive vision problems. When the vision loss associated with cataracts becomes problematic in day-to-day activities, an ophthalmologist from the Silverstein Eye Centers may recommend cataract surgery, also known as lens replacement surgery.

    One such replacement lens is ReSTOR®, a multifocal lens that provides the ability to see at greater distances following cataract surgery, and allows some cataract surgery patients to stop wearing glasses or contacts.

    How ReSTOR® Works

    The natural lens of the eye is able to focus on objects at different distances by changing the focal point of light entering the eye after reflecting off a given object. ReSTOR® allows you to clearly see objects at varying distances by featuring multiple focus zones that shift light from different focal points onto the retina. Your brain is able to select the clear image of the object and allow you to visualize it.

    The ReSTOR® lens features two distinct zones: the apodized diffractive zone and the outer refractive zone.

    The apodized diffractive zone lies in the center and features multiple levels of diffraction that offer a wide range of vision. The outer refractive zone has a longer-range focus and is intended to support distant vision in low light.

    ReSTOR® in Daily Life

    ReSTOR has been proven effective at offering quality vision at short and long distances, although some patients may require the continued use of glasses or contacts for intermediate vision, such as working on a computer.

    Compared to other intraocular lens replacements, however, ReSTOR seems to reduce nighttime glare, halos, and other vision effects.

    Your examination with a cataract surgeon at the Silverstein Eye Centers will determine if ReSTOR® is the best lens replacement option for you. Please call us at 816-358-3600 or email us to schedule a consultation at either of our Kansas City offices.

    See Am I Candidate for the ReSTOR Lens Implant? for more information.

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