• 5 Things You Should Know About Lash Extensions

    Many people choose eyelash extensions instead of falsies or mascara. This is because they do make your eyes look as if your lashes are naturally long and beautiful. Most brands claim to be long-lasting, and an easy solution for women with limited time for a beauty routine. You go in once to get them placed in, and your problem with lashes is forever solved. But are there risks involved when getting synthetic eyelash extensions placed? How do extensions affect your overall eye health and eye care? Let’s take a closer look at five things you should know about lash extensions.

    1. Lash Extensions need maintenance and can be costly
    If you choose to pay for lash extensions, it won’t be cheap–not if you’re going for quality. Expect to pay anything from $100 to $400, plus the 20 percent tip for the beautician. And remember: Getting fake eyelashes isn’t a one-time ordeal. To keep up with maintenance or replace fallen lashes, you’ll return every couple of weeks for fill-ins.

    2. Lash damage is possible
    Nothing in the cosmetic world comes without health risks. You may think eyelashes are a tiny thing, but this thinking can be deceptive. Studies show that improper application or carelessness can lead to long term lash damage. One of the most common side effects is getting infections after having them put in.

    eyelash extensions

    3. Your skin may also suffer
    It’s not just your eye health to watch out for, but your general health. This applies to the sensitive skin around your eye area. After getting extensions put in, it may be a couple of days before you experience any negative reactions. Be on the lookout for pain, rashes on the skin, burning sensations, redness or bloodshot eyes, and inflammation.

    4. Risk of infections and allergies …
    Infections and allergies are common eye problems. In severe cases, there may be eye swelling. One known condition, Blepharitis, shows up at the base of your eyelashes. Itching and stickiness are common symptoms. If this happens to you, schedule an appointment with your eye care clinic immediately. Your eye doctor will be able to determine if your eyelash extensions are the culprit.

    5. Focus on your eye health and skincare routine
    If you choose to wear eyelash extensions, your skin-care routine will need adjusting. Normal mascara may be too heavy and cause the lashes to break or fall out. Oil-based creams or products may also cause lash breakage and fallout. Never rub your eyes vigorously, and only use the recommended facial wash. You may also have to upgrade to get more sleep and rest.

    Caring for your eyes is vital to your health

    If you do experience itching, see your eye doctor immediately. He or she will be able to recommend the best lash conditioning serums. You can choose natural beauty products that won’t cause side effects. In the case of an allergic reaction, see an ophthalmologist before trying to fix it on your own.

    It’s said that the eyes are the “window to the soul.” And it’s also true that the first signs of poor health can are seen in your eyes. Infections can lead to loss of vision; something not worth the risk.

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    Posted September 17, 2019 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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