Even middle-aged couch potatoes can change their ways. Yes, that means you! Don’t become one of those senior citizens who must endure multiple health issues simply because they didn’t take proper care of their bodies. It’s time to get off your tush and get moving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that just 2.5 hours of a moderate-intensity physical activity each week can make a huge difference in your physical fitness, health and overall well-being. You can painlessly engage in these activities without even considering it exercise.

    Examples of Moderate-Intensity Physical Activities

    It may come as a surprise to many, but brisk walking is one of the best ways to get physically fit. Don’t just put the dog in the backyard for a bit of sunshine and exercise. Put him on a leash, and take your canine friend on a peppy walk around the neighborhood. Not only will your health and your pooch’s benefit, it’s also a fantastic way to bond with people in your neighborhood and other dog lovers. Other ways you can incorporate a brisk walk into your daily schedule is to park on the outskirts of the parking lot at work, at the mall or grocery store.

    Healthy Habits

    Golfing, or fishing while walking along the edge of a lake, may seem like leisurely ways to relax and allow your mind to chill, but they’re also enjoyable ways to get fit. Other activities that you may not categorize as exercise include snowmobiling, swimming, horseback riding or bicycling.

    Getting Credit for What You Already Do

    Don’t berate yourself too much for being a lazy bum when you get home from a hard day at work. Give yourself credit for moderate-intensity activities that you already do. Some of these may surprise you, but they are considered moderate-intensity physical activities — aka exercise:

    • Gardening
    • Bringing in and putting away the groceries
    • Housework, such as scrubbing the bathtub
    • Pushing a stroller or simply taking care of young, active children
    • Mowing the lawn
    • Washing or waxing an automobile
    • Simple home repairs

    Benefits of Physical Activity

    Getting the right amount of exercise has many health benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. It helps you manage your weight, improves your mood and makes your body stronger. Other benefits are that your flexibility increases so your chances of falling decrease, and you are likely to live longer. Start to improve your health now, and watch your energy and quality of life increase at the same time.

    Posted August 15, 2016 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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