A quality pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful glare by blocking 99 to 100 percent of the ultraviolet rays aimed at your eyes (In fact, a cheap pair of sunglasses can work just fine, too, but be sure to check for the sticker). Aside from blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation, sunglasses can minimize eye fatigue and eyestrain by reducing exposure to bright light. While the UV protection is typically the most important reason to wear sunglasses, many athletes prefer lenses that are tinted a specific color to allow for a competitive advantage in their sport of choice.

    The color of the lenses will determine how much visible light reaches your eyes. The lens color can also affect how well you perceive contrasts, and how well specific colors stand out. Certain lens tints will enhance specific colors while distorting others. The right lens color, however, can help athletes to compete in specific environments for each sport.

    Sports glasses with various color lensesGrey lenses will reduce the maximum amount of visible light while still allowing for true color perception. Grey lenses are among the most popular tints, and are most effective when worn on sunny days against harsh glare. For this reason, grey lenses are best for outdoor sports — golfing, cycling, boating — driving, and general outdoor use. When in doubt, go with grey lenses for outdoor activities.

    Yellow or orange lenses will heighten contrast in low-light conditions such as overcast weather. Yellow or orange lenses will filter out blue light to provide a clearer, sharper focus. These colors work well for outdoor sports like hunting, skiing, cycling, and indoor sports like basketball and racquetball. On sunny days, however, you might be better off using a different tint for outdoor activities. Avid or competitive gamers may also want to consider yellow or orange lenses.

    Green lenses can help you see in shadowy areas while reducing glare simultaneously. Green lenses transmit colors evenly, and are a solid choice for general outdoor use regardless of the weather conditions. Like grey lenses, green sunglasses can be useful for virtually any outdoor sport, and are frequently used for baseball and golf.

    Blue or purple lenses are a very stylish, popular choice. Aside from reducing glare, blue or purple lenses can help define contours, and work well on cloudy or snowy days. Therefore, they are well suited for skiing, snowboarding, or other winter activities.

    Red or pink lenses will increase contrast by filtering blue light. Many drivers prefer red or pink lenses for greater road visibility, and prolonged comfort.

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    Posted January 14, 2016 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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