Oh no! You got something stuck in your eye! An eyelash? Some dirt? No matter what it is, you know it’s one of the most irritating and uncomfortable experiences you can endure. We’ll discuss in depth what to do when you have an object stuck in your eye, but first let’s get this important announcement out of the way: DO NOT RUB IT!

    If you have an object stuck in your eye, rubbing it is a natural reaction reaction to try and sooth the irritation, but you’ll likely cause the object to lodge itself deeper, scratch your eye, or embed itself in an unreachable spot. As you might imagine, any of these scenarios is undesirable. Fortunately, you have safer alternatives to rubbing for removing an object from your eye and relieving the irritation.

    How should I get this thing out of my eye?!

    Removing an object from your eye depends on how big it is and if there is more than one present. If it’s a small object, like a grain of sand, you may need to do no more than some good ole’ fashioned blinking. Also, while looking in a mirror, you can pull your lower eyelid down and let tears help flush out the object from the exposed surface, or pull your upper eyelid over your lower eyelid to loosen the object from there if that’s where it’s stuck.

    If you have multiple small objects in your eye, like dozens of grains of sand, then you should flush your eye. Fill a large container with warm water and dunk your head in it. Blink multiple times while your head is dunked to help loosen the objects off the surface of your eye.

    It’s still stuck, what should I try next?

    Sometimes it’s not so easy to get something out of your eye. We know it’s uncomfortable, but don’t do anything rash out of desperation!

    You must avoid any of the following:

    • rubbing your eye
    • putting pressure on your eye
    • using tweezers or other tools
    • taking out a contact lense (unless your eye is swelling or there are chemicals in your eye)

    You can use some eye drops to try and help introduce more liquid to flush the object out. If that doesn’t work either, your best bet at this point is to visit an optometrist for help. An optometrist can numb your eye and safely locate and remove the object without causing damage.

    If you get the object out on your own at home, you may still need to visit your optometrist if you’re experiencing any of the following:

    • blurry or abnormal vision
    • persistent swelling, tearing, redness, and puffiness
    • overall worsened condition of your eye

    Even if you removed the object following safe practices, it may have already scratched your cornea, a problem that needs to be addressed by an eye doctor immediately.

    Do you have anything stuck in your eye that you’re not sure how to remove? Are you worried your eye might have been damaged by a foreign object? Contact Silverstein Eye Centers today at (816) 358-3600 or request your appointment online. We can serve you at our convenient location in Independence/Kansas City.

    Posted December 10, 2015 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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