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There’s one simple rule to proper eyeglass care that should be followed at all times to maximize the lifespan of your spectacles: if they’re not on your face, store them in a case. The guideline seems easy enough, but many people lose their enthusiasm for eyewear maintenance after the novelty of having shiny new frames dissipates. After spending time, money, and effort to select the perfect pair of glasses, it’s surprising that the idea of constantly preserving and cleaning one’s shades can seem like an unnecessary amount of upkeep.

Below, we’ve listed a few simple dos and don’ts to help you keep your cheaters clear and clean:


  • Rinse — Always rinse your glasses off with water before cleaning them or rubbing them down with a cloth. Small particles of dirt or debris can settle onto your lenses, which can be abrasive if you wipe them. Rinsing, therefore, can prevent small scratches from accumulating onto your lenses.
  • Air dry — Air drying your glasses is another excellent way to avoid scratching your lenses during the cleaning process. Furthermore, air drying can usually prevent other dust particles from settling onto your lenses. If air drying isn’t an option, use a clean, soft cloth.
  • Use a suitable case — Make sure the case for your eyewear is the correct size, and does not allow for the glasses to slip or move too much. Your case should have a hard shell to protect your lenses from accidents.
  • Use both hands — Habitually taking off or putting on your glasses with one hand can cause the frames to become misaligned. Even clean and clear lenses can become less effective if they are not situated properly in front of your eyes!


  • Don’t use paper towels — While tissues, paper towels, and napkins may seem innocent enough, most of these paper products have textured surfaces that will leave tiny scratches on your lenses. And don’t take this as an excuse to use your shirt, either!
  • Don’t leave your glasses in the bathroom — Placing your glasses on a sink or a vanity top subjects them to a gross variety of airborne spatters that can easily soil or damage your prescription.
  • Don’t wear your glasses on top of your head — Wearing your glasses on top of your head can cause the frames to become warped. Not to mention the oil from your hair can be difficult to remove from the lenses.
  • Don’t spit on your glasses — The bacteria in your saliva can sometimes cause an infection, and might also corrode the coating of your lenses. Instead, use chemical sprays specifically designed for cleaning glasses, or good ol’ water.

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