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If you wear glasses or contacts and enjoy playing sports, you may already know that poor vision can have a negative impact on your performance in the game. When playing sports, you will always need to wear corrective lenses if you can’t see clearly without glasses or contacts. It can be a hassle to deal with corrective lenses when on the field, which is why you might consider the benefits of PRK or LASIK eye surgery.

Treatment is painless and quick, and you can experience amazing improvements in your vision after surgery is over. Most people need minimal recovery time after surgery, but you will be able to get back on the field in no time to enjoy sports without the need for corrective lenses. If you play any of the following sports, you might consider having PRK or LASIK:


If you play a contact sport such as football or basketball, you need to wear contact lenses or goggles to prevent poor vision from taking a toll on your performance. You can’t necessarily wear regular eye glasses because they pose a risk if you are hit and the glasses break or hurt your face. Goggles look funny and may not be comfortable to wear, while contact lenses can cause eye problems in the middle of the game. When coming into contact with other players, it is best to avoid wearing corrective lenses in order to protect your eyes. After PRK or LASIK surgery, you will love the fact that you can enjoy these contact sports without having to deal with corrective lenses during every game.


Most water sport athletes will wear contact lenses because glasses won’t stay in place when in the water. However, water can cause problems with the contact lenses, especially when you accidentally get water in your eyes. For some people, swimming causes contacts to fall out, which means that they’re suddenly unable to see when in the water.

You might consider prescription goggles if you need corrective lenses in the water, but these costs can add up if you need to change them later on. Additionally, you need to make sure you’re using the right type of equipment for the sport, since specific types of sports require specific types of goggles.


Endurance sports require a lot of mental focus and energy to stay in the right mindset to go the distance, and you shouldn’t be messing with your corrective lenses when you’re participating in the sport. Glasses and contacts can be a distraction, and can slow down your time and cause you to lose focus. PRK or LASIK eye surgery may be your best option so you don’t have to worry about the distraction of dealing with your vision correction lenses while exercising.

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