As you grow older, your eyes can tend to become weaker. Not only might you experience trouble seeing as well as you once did, but you may also develop crows’ feet around the corners of your eyes, worry lines, and sagging eyelids. Many people say that if you want to guess the age of any particular individual, look at his or her eyes for signs of aging and fatigue.

    Have you ever met a person so youthful and vivacious that you could never have guessed his or her age? By visiting your eye doctor regularly and developing a few good habits, you can also be one of those people who never seems to age.


    Squinting can make you look tired and strained. Over time, as you squint your eyes over and over again, crows’ feet will form, radiating from the corners of your eyes and making you look older than your years. You can fight both of these effects by visiting your ophthalmologist.

    As an adult, you should get a comprehensive eye examination at least every two years. Undergoing an eye exam ensures that you’re up to date on your prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. When you have the right prescription, you won’t find yourself squinting to read signs on the road or words on the screen in front of you. You’ll look more alert and awake, and you’ll be less likely to form wrinkles around your eyes.


    Being overly fatigued on a regular basis can accelerate the aging process. As you grow older, skipping a few hours of sleep can take a major toll on your overall functionality and appearance. Bags and dark circles may form under your eyes, and your eyelids may appear puffy. If you’re in the habit of staying up too late and skimping on sleep, you’re going to notice some dramatic aging effects on your eyes.


    In some cases, even if you get enough sleep and visit your eye doctor regularly, you may still go on to develop wrinkles, bags, dark circles, and drooping eyelids. If your upper lids droop down far enough, they can actually obstruct your field of vision. If your lower lids begin to droop, they can cause dry eye and other problems.

    Fortunately, you can actually have these issues (and your fine lines and wrinkles) treated with either Botox injections or blepharoplasty. If you’ve noticed lines and wrinkles beginning to form around your eyes, a Botox injection can smooth your skin for up to several months between injections. With blepharoplasty, drooping eyelids are surgically altered to prevent them from falling in your eyes. This minimally-invasive surgery is recommended to keep your eyes healthy, as well as looking younger and more attractive for years to come.

    Posted February 17, 2015 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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