Dry eyes syndrome can be an uncomfortable and troublesome thing to experience. Chronically dry eyes can feel itchy or like they have a foreign body in them. Your eyes may look red, and your eyesight may be sensitive to light. Basically, dry eye syndrome occurs when the eye is not getting properly lubricated with its own tears.

    Factors that can contribute to dry eye syndrome include:

    • Certain health conditions
    • Advanced age
    • Hormonal changes
    • Certain medications
    • Airborne irritants and allergens
    • Eye injuries
    • Cold air temperature
    • Sunlight
    • Wind
    • Dry air

    If your eyes are chronically dry, your eyes may actually be producing an excessive amount of tears, but the tears may not properly lubricate your eyes because of their pH to acidity balance. At our Kansas City eye care practice, one of our experienced eye doctors can examine your eyes and review your health history, and determine why your eyes feel dry, itchy and irritated. Then, we can help you decide the best way to find relief from dry eyes.

    For detection and treatment of dry eye by our experienced eye doctors in Kansas City, please contact Silverstein Eye Centers to schedule a consultation.

    Posted August 20, 2013 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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