A common question asked of our eye surgeons is does LASIK hurt? This is understandable, but the long and short answer is no, LASIK does not hurt. Generally considered a painless procedure, LASIK is performed under local anesthesia, eliminating any discomfort and allowing you to fully relax during this incredibly quick procedure.

    What Does LASIK Feel Like?

    LASIK may provide slight sensations for some patients. These sensations are most often in the form of mild pressure on the eyes. This pressure may occur while the flap is being created in your cornea or while your eye is being reshaped, but it will not be painful. The surgery itself is very short.

    Recovery from LASIK may have some slight discomfort such as scratchy, dry eyes. These problems can be dealt with through topical eye drops. When necessary, over the counter pain relievers can be used following LASIK to relive any residual pain. The need for this is rare, but everyone experiences recovery in different ways.

    During your initial consultation with one of our LASIK surgeons, what you can expect during recovery will be discussed in full.

    If you live in or around Kansas City, Missouri and would like to learn more about LASIK vision correction surgery, please contact Silverstein Eye Centers to schedule an initial consultation today.

    Posted September 10, 2012 by Silverstein Eye Centers
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