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    Silverstein Eye Centers Patient Testimonials

    Listen to Frank WhiteFrank White“I have been one of the fortunate people blessed with perfect vision. I have always depended on my vision throughout my career, so I don’t want to take that for granted. I still recognize the need to have my eyes checked to minimize the possibility of a vision problem.

    I went to Silverstein Eye Centers for a routine checkup. From the moment I went in, I could tell this the team of professionals is a caring and compassionate group. The doctor gave my eyes a thorough examination and explained all of the various vision problems that can begin to occur as I get older. Even though my vision is still perfect, it’s a comfort knowing that if a problem arises, I know who I can turn to.

    Thank you Dr. Silverstein for keeping an eye on my vision.

    — Frank White – Kansas City Royals Hall of Famer


    Listen to Mitch Holthus - the Official Voice of the Kansas City ChiefsMitch Holthus“Seeing every play of every game is really important to me.

    That’s why I trust Dr. Steven Silverstein with my eyes.

    — Mitch Holthus – Official Voice of the Kansas City Chiefs


    Mike Kennedy Testimonial“I literally saw immediate results after my LASIK with Dr. Silverstein. Being able to read the computer and the menu without glasses were true thrills AND seeing road signs well in advance was something new for me!

    I’ve never had service as a patient like the care and attention I received at Silverstein Eye Centers.

    — Mike Kennedy – Q104 “Morning Drive”


    Jim Elias“As a dentist, my sight is quite important. Dr. Silverstein has kept that at its best for the past 21 years.

    My patients and I thank you, Steve!

    — Jim Elias – Dentist, Independence, MO

    Hear what Nicki Theissen, Mother of 4, has to say about her experience with LASIK surgery:


    Scott Hillman“In order to see plays develop or see a puck moving at nearly 100 mph, our players’ eyesight needs to be excellent. Thanks to Silverstein Eye Centers, our team’s vision has improved as a whole. Dr. Silverstein and his staff have examined each player and they’ve each come back with fantastic reviews. The care has been exceptional and I have complete trust in Silverstein Eye Centers to take care of our team.

    For the absolute best eye care in Kansas City, I recommend Silverstein Eye Centers.

    — Scott Hillman – Former Head Coach, Missouri Mavericks Pro Hockey


    Joe Greene“My experience at Silverstein Eye Centers was exceptional. From the time I walked into my first appointment until I walked out after LASIK surgery, the staff was extremely friendly and I took comfort in knowing that they truly cared about my well-being.
    Dr. Silverstein and his staff went above and beyond my expectations and it was an experience that I will never forget. After 23 years of vision problems, I can now see clearly without the help of contacts or glasses. My eyes are healthy and my lifestyle is much-improved after receiving the finest care at Silverstein Eye Centers!

    I would definitely recommend seeing the staff at Silverstein Eye Centers if you have vision problems. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    — Joe Greene – Former Assistant General Manager, Missouri Mavericks Pro Hockey


    Herm Edwards“Making the decision to have vision correction surgery certainly wasn’t an easy one. I could have gone anywhere in the country, but I truly felt the best care I could receive was right here in Kansas City.

    From the consultation, to the actual surgical procedure, to the ensuing follow-up visits, everything about my interaction with Silverstein Eye Centers was truly exemplary. I know it was the right choice for me, and the results have already surpassed even what I had anticipated.

    I can honestly say I won’t trust my eyes to anyone else.

    — Herm Edwards – NFL Studio Analyst

    Listen to Joan’s Story about her cataract surgery at Silverstein Eye Centers:


    Soren Petro“I have worn glasses for years and decided to look into having the LASIK procedure done. A friend recommended that I make an appointment at Silverstein Eye Centers.

    After carefully testing my eyes, Dr. Silverstein explained to me that I didn’t need the surgery because my vision wasn’t bad enough. I appreciated Dr. Silverstein’s thoroughness and honesty.

    I have complete confidence in Silverstein Eye Centers!

    — Soren Petro – Sports Radio 810 WHB


    Boomer Grigsby“As a professional football player, I knew I needed to do something about my vision. I didn’t want to wear glasses and couldn’t handle wearing contacts. I went to Silverstein Eye Centers and the doctor did an extensive exam of my eyes, discovering I was a good candidate for LASIK.

    After talking with Dr. Silverstein about the procedure, I felt completely comfortable about moving forward and I am so glad that I did!

    It was quick and painless and now my vision is clear and I can focus so much better than before.

    — Boomer Grigsby – Former Linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs


    Kevin Seitzer“Hitting a baseball took very sharp vision. I wore contact lenses my whole career, dealing with constant problems with irritation from dust and wind causing dry and itchy eyes.

    I researched several surgeons in the LASIK field and asked some good friends who happen to be optometrists for their professional opinion. They said to choose somebody who is EXCELLENT in this field…with lots of EXPERIENCE…somebody you can TRUST.

    Silverstein Eye Centers did my surgery and it’s been amazing! I could not have been more pleased with the whole process.

    — Kevin Seitzer – Hitting Coach and former Baseball Player, Kansas City Royals


    Laura Fitzmaurice“As a physician, I know how important my vision is to my work. So when I started considering LASIK, I wanted the very best for my eyes. I turned to Silverstein Eye Centers. Dr. Silverstein is one of the most highly respected and skilled eye surgeons in the area. The dedicated staff was so professional and is truly committed to offering the finest eye care and best patient experience.

    As a result, I have perfect vision. What a difference that has made, both in my profession and in everyday life.

    — Laura Fitzmaurice – MD Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Children’s Mercy Hospital

    Mike Young, General Manager of the Independence Center Events Center shares his experience with LASIK surgery:


    Chris Cissell“Coaching college soccer was awkward while wearing glasses, so I tried contacts. The vision was great, but being outside so much wearing contacts made my eyes itch and burn.

    I talked to the doctors at Silverstein Eye Centers. Dr. Silverstein made me feel very comfortable and I went ahead and had the LASIK procedure done. I couldn’t be happier that I did! He was right. It was very quick (about 4 minutes) and it was painless.

    I honestly don’t remember ever having vision this clear before in my life! Doing this was one of the greatest decisions of my life!

    — Chris Cissell – NAIA Soccer Coach of the Year, William Jewell College


    Officer Tiede“Being a police officer, I work rain, sleet, snow, or shine. I was always breaking my glasses and my eyes were too sensitive to wear contacts. I had tried everything, but nothing seemed to be the right solution. That was until I was introduced to Silverstein Eye Centers.

    They corrected my vision and my astigmatism and gave me a gift I did not realize was so precious. The gift of optical freedom!

    — Patrick Tiede – Police Officer, Riley County Police Dept.


    Todd Leabo“When I considered having LASIK, I wasn’t going to trust just anyone with my eyes. I wanted the best.

    My main vision problem was astigmatism. I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Silverstein performed the surgery…it only took about 5 minutes! It was quick and painless and my vision is better than 20/20.

    My glasses are gone and I am seeing everything clearly.”

    — Todd Leabo – Sports Radio 810 WHB

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