• Patient Hospitality

    Patient Hospitality

    Have you ever sat in the waiting room of a doctor’s office surrounded by the hurried frenzy of swarming nurses, feeling as if you were merely a number on someone’s “to do” list? Certainly, you are not alone. While life in the twenty-first century seems to be getting busier by the moment, Silverstein Eye Centers is turning back the clock to a simpler, more relaxing way of life.

    The “cookie ladies,” as they are quickly becoming known, warmly greet patients in the waiting room and kindly offer them cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate. The cookie ladies’ zeal for life spills over onto everyone they come in contact with. They bring a touch of friendliness and relaxation to the physicians’ waiting room that simply isn’t found anywhere else.

    Although serving cookies is certainly a nice amenity, that is not all that the cookie ladies do. They also help relax patients by helping them fill out the necessary medical forms and answering any questions they may have. It is also nice to have someone who is able to direct and assist patients to the restrooms and exam rooms when necessary. In the meantime, however, be assured that our patients will be well entertained and cared for by the healthcare hostesses of the twenty-first century – the cookie ladies.

    So relax and have a cookie. Just remember to keep your shoes on – there are still other patients in the room.

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